First Steps

March 2019 Filmed by Clive Symms of Symages. With track kindly donated by FINK. This really encompasses the whole idea of the walk, to see them go through, joy, eagerness, excitement, then move on to exhaustion, fatigue, doubt and suffering. To eventually come to terms with the above and push through that wall and just keep on moving like true heroes. It was a living breathing metaphor.  excitement through exhaustion and doubt to the proud jubilation of completing the challenge. All our walkers were committed and determined, the weather was crazy! 70mph gusts, sun, rain and even a hailstorm. But all that added to the meaning behind the walk, having to deal with whatever life throws at you.This was such a great film that we even managed to get it on BBC spotlight southwest on the telly, during mental awareness week.  We managed to raise £1455 for Papyrus (prevention of youth suicide).

So much to attempt to put in to words ….ineffable I think was the word Cara used as there are no words for what we just experienced.
PENNY & BECKI for helping ferry them walkers to Morwenstow. SANDYMOUTH CAFE for giving us delicious hot chocolates and tasty flapjacks and for staying open for us….as we were running a couple of hours late! CLIVE SYMM ‘the man’ filmed sooooo much for our docu film. Sometimes in among it, sometimes off in the distance. Outstanding support!! LEE BARTROP. On it, loving it. Being there for the strugglers and for Clive’s tripod!! A good man. TO ALL THOSE THAT TURNED OUT TO CHEER THEM IN! Giving up your afternoon was a good act of kindness. A SPECIAL THANKS TO CARA PHILLIPS. leader of the pack, inspiring and determined. Achieving a hefty % of the carrying and filming and live FB feeds to boot! An amazing person. And of course you BLENDERS. May today bring you strength in dark times. May this experience lift you up to new heights. May you forever remember what you have achieved today. Honoured to have walked with you all.

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