About Us

Worry walk is an offshoot of Blend, a youth group set up by siblings, Jamie & Kaylie Wright in January 2016.

It involves hosting a youth space one night a week and has grown from 12 to 50+ members. It provides a social environment with a wide range of relaxed but structured activities. We attempt to empower our members by giving them ownership of the collective itself, learning to serve each other rather than themselves. See how their money is used and what it takes to make things happen. Doing what they would like to do and not what is thought they need to do. Being there for them to gain confidence and build friendships. All this we do in 2 hours, once a week.


Meet the team

Kaylie Wright

Kaylie has 27 years experience of working with young people, in the capacity of performing arts teacher, dance teacher and community development manager. She has lived in Bude for 11 years after moving down from Nottingham. Her energy, enthusiasm and passion for young people is limitless.  She is also a proud mum.

Jamie Wright

Jamie is a retail manager by day, Married to Rachel, he has 2 daughters and a dog named Ted. They moved down from Nottingham in 2005. Lived in Devon for 14 years  before moving to Bude. He loves all things outdoors, philosophy and making ideas reality. By night, he has an appetite for youth provision and creating change.

Tracey Robinson

Tracey has worked with many charities and organisation over the years as a former PR consultant and now Fundraiser. She brings funding, organisation, ideas and smiles to the Collective.

Emma Kinsman

Has helped out at BLEND now for 3 years. She is excellent with all the blenders and gets involved in all aspects of the collective. She holds a level 2 qualification in mental wellbeing, skates and brightens every event we do